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We Supply Concrete Cartage Across Australia:
Concrete Agitator Hire, Tipper Truck Hire & Water Truck Hire

concrete truck hire

At BKM Contracting , we are the concrete agitator, tipper truck and water truck hire specialists and supply concrete cartage to the Australian market. Our clients are construction companies, and over the years, we have supplied concrete cartage for major projects throughout Australia.

As a specialist concrete carter, we supply concrete on site and provide all tipper truck hire, water truck hire and concrete agitator truck hire services for your project and can assist you in minimisng any risks – while maximising efficiency. Our services include:

  • We supply concrete cartage
  • Concrete Agitator Truck hire
  • Tipper, Water Truck hire
  • Wet and Dry hire

If you’re looking for concrete agitator truck hire that won’t let you down, you can’t go past BKM Contracting. Having your concrete cartage suppliers not turning up on time, or having a tipper truck, water truck or agitator that doesn’t work to full capacity can have major impacts on your project outcomes.

Reliable Agitator Truck Hire, Water Truck Hire and Tipper Truck Hire Services

BKM are state of the art concrete suppliers

The concrete supply projects we undertake are implemented seamlessly, providing our clients with reassurance of a quality outcome for their project. It is also important to note that the fleet we use for our tipper, water and agitator hire is the latest available in the market, making us the logical choice in concrete cartage services.

At BKM Contracting, we consistently strive to improve our customer service and retention. The fact that we have retained leading Australian construction companies as clients is testament to the level of service and quality we place on every concrete cartage project we undertake.

Our quality agitator, water and tipper service helps our clients reduce the risk of hiring faulty or outdated machinery. When agitator, tipper or water truck hire doesn’t go to plan, it can have major impacts on your project. BKM Contracting has reliable equipment, making us sought after concrete cartage.

BKM Contracting is the safe option when you require concrete cartage, tip truck hire, or agitator hire. We (professional concrete carriers) have a long list of satisfied construction clients, backed by over 20 year’s industry experience. And we have achieved this by supplying concrete cartage in a professional manner, always keeping our customers needs and requirements at the forefront of every concrete cartage project that we undertake.

Contact BKM Contracting to discuss your next concrete supply project. Whether you require concrete cartage services or tipper, water truck hire, we can assist you in making your next project run smoothly.

Water Truck Hire

BKM are state of the art concrete suppliers

Water truck, mine specification compliant, capacity 14,000 litres, water cannon, rear and batter sprays and fitted with 5000 PSI high pressure cleaner.